About VFA

The Virginia Forestry Association (VFA) celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2018 as a not-for-profit, privately supported organization with the mission of representing Virginia's diverse forestry community and promoting the sustainable use and conservation of forest resources to ensure their long term social benefits for all Virginians.  We are committed to representing the interests of the forestry community as a whole, with the vision of being a unifying voice for Virginia's forestry community.  We believe that members of the forestry community have a responsibility to collaborate for the good of the industry and that all voices within the membership are important.  

VFA members are forest landowners, foresters, forest products businesses, loggers, forestry consultants, and a variety of individuals and groups who are concerned about the future well-being of Virginia's forest resource.  We strive for diversity within the membership and believe it is the only way to ensure that the forestry community will continue to thrive. 

Our organization values the conservation and sustainable use of forest resources as a driver of ecological, economic, and social prosperity in Virginia.  VFA seeks to maintain a political and economic climate favorable for forest ownership and forest industry in the state and to enhance the public's perception of forestry through effective outreach and communications.

75 years VFA