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Virginia’s forest resource is a driver of ecological, economic, and social prosperity in Virginia. As the third largest private industry in the Commonwealth, the Virginia’s forest industry generates more than $21 billion of economic impact and employs more than 108,000 people annually. Additionally, Virginia’s forests cover 63% of the total land area of the Commonwealth and provide more than $20 billion in environmental and recreational impacts each year.

Despite these well-documented contributions, policymakers and special-interest groups introduce dozens of bills and regulations that are either harmful to forestry or fail to recognize our immeasurable, positive impact on every Virginian's way of life. As a community, we must grow our capacity to influence public policy in support of private forestland ownership, sound forest management, appropriate investment, and the profitable operation of forestry and forest products businesses to ensure that Virginia’s forest resource and our circular forest-based economy will endure.

Understanding this need, the Board of Directors created the VFA Advocacy Fund in December 2021. The Advocacy Fund raises money through individual and corporate contributions to support the association's government affairs function. The fund works in conjunction with VAForestPAC, which is limited to political contributions to candidates for statewide office, to help VFA achieve our legislative and regulatory priorities.

Donations to the VFA Advocacy Fund are used to support the association’s government affairs efforts, including: bill tracking services, lobby disclosure registrations, VFA legislative events, lobbying contracts, educational outreach to lawmakers, legal actions impacting VFA’s membership, sponsoring external advocacy events, and VFA’s participation in advocacy coalitions.

Unlike contributions to VAForestPAC, donations to the VFA Advocacy Fund are not subject to state election reporting requirements. Any U.S. individual, corporation, association, or partnership may contribute. Contributions to the VFA Advocacy Fund can be made either online using the link below, or by contacting VFA staff if you prefer another method. 

Thank you for considering helping us tell your great story.

Online Contribution

Donations to the Virginia Forestry Association Advocacy Fund are not tax deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor for more information.